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 Texas Prescribed Burn Manager Certification Training


"Enhancing Range and Wildlife Habitat
With Fire"

The Coastal Bend Prescribed Burn Association is a non-profit association of Texas Coastal Bend landowners and citizens whose purpose is to promote, train, and assist members and the public in the use of prescribed burning on their properties.  Members participate in the burns of other members and this reciprocation pools labor, making more burns possible, especially for smaller landowners with limited labor resources.

Our goal is to enhance and protect the natural habitat of our 12 member Counties to benefit the landowners and citizens of those counties and the State of Texas.

While we officially serve 12 counties, we have members and visitors from other areas who attend CBPBA functions and prescribed burns, and such membership and participation is encouraged.  The Board of Directors will also consider adding additional counties to our service area if it is requested and warranted.


CBPBA County Coverage Map


January 2012 Newsletter

Various Smoke Management Tools & Models are available from this website. Including detailed smoke management plans in your burn plans may help in any legal actions following smoke liability from a perscribed burn.


 Texas Prescribed Burn Manager Certification Training

February 3 – 7, 2014

At the Welder Wildlife Foundation, Sinton, Texas


Training and Testing for Board Certified TDA prescribed burn manager certification.

Sponsored by the Welder Wildlife Foundation and the Coastal Bend Prescribed Burn Association.

Lodging, Food, and learning materials included in the Fee. Lodging is bunk house style.

Sunday evening 2 February is travel day and registration. Supper on your own.

Fee is $350.00

Monday will include training for Gulf Coast Prairies Region 5 Certification $75.00 for Certified burn Managers needing this Region Training.


Bastrop Wildfire Recovery Continues
71,000 dangerous, charred trees have been removed, and 300,000 seedlings have been planted.

2012 Saw the fewest wildfires in a decade — but the second-most acres burned ever

NFPA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Maryland’s Office of the State Fire Marshal recently teamed up to bring needed attention to fire risks that frequently go hand-in-hand with holiday decorating.
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Examining the Knowing–Doing Gap in the Conservation of a Fire-Dependent Ecosystem
Scientifically informed conservation goals do not always align with what is accomplished in practice, leading to the so-called ‘‘knowing–doing gap’’. One reason why the knowing–doing gap exists may be that scientific recommendations often do not account for the ‘‘real-world’’ social context of conservation. The social context may be particularly important for ecosystem restoration involving prescribed burning. In the longleaf pine ecosystem, scientists and conservationists have called for large-scale restoration using prescribed burning; however, recent levels of burning may be insufficient to accomplish restoration. Finding ways to encourage burning on degraded sites near development, such as rewarding practitioners for successfully conducting difficult burns, would help narrow the knowing–doing gap in conservation of this and other fire-dependent ecosystems.

This year's fire season was, reportedly, the worst in five decades. Hundreds of large and small forest and range fires raged throughout the western United States. Regular fire crews, even supplemented by the military and firefighters from overseas, could do little more than protect structures - and even some historic-buildings were lost. Forest health is an important factor to consider when preparing your property for wildfire season.
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Does defensible space really save your home from wildfire?

Here’s proof!

What Is Limiting More Flexible Fire Management-Public or Agency Pressure?
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An interesting video on burning Coastal Prairie on the Warren Ranch is available here

SEE an interesting Burn VIDEO HERE 

Notices, like events, CBPBA meetings, or burn schools are listed here with a link.  Clicking the link will take you to a page with full details about the notice. If you know of an event of interest to our members email the information to for posting here.


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