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Lucky J Ranch


Case history of a successful burning program in pictures. This pasture is 566 acres in Victoria County Texas, 1/3 is claypan prairie, 1/3 is loamy prairie, and 1/3 is blackland rangeland. Target vegetation is McCartney Rose and Chinese Tallow trees, along with numerous other species. Original burn was in 2006 and was a CBPBA demo burn, a follow up burn was done in 2008 by landowner personnel and CBPBA members.

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Copeland Ranch


The 2008 CBPBA Burn School Demo Burn was held at the Copeland Ranch near Mineral in Bee County, Texas. The pasture burned was 235 acres of mostly grassland with some light brush. Fire guards were bladed. The burn objectives were to kill brush seedlings, improve vegetation quality, reduce the brush canopy and improve wildlife habitat.

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burn_boss_arrives.jpgThe Burn Boss Arrives (with the donuts)205 viewsThe Burn Boss has lots of stuff to coordinate and haul to the burn , not the least of which is the donuts, food, and drinks for his crew.
burn_crew_heads_out.jpgTorch men head out to positions193 viewsFire crews on ATVs and utility vehichles head to assigned positions to start the fire.
crews_all_here_waiting.jpgMore waiting201 viewsThis was a CBPBA demo burn and we had a big turn out, lots of time to discuss the plan for the day and to swap stories.
burning_1.jpgStarting to burn220 viewsThis site has dense brush so thick it is impossible to walk through. It consists of McCartney Rose, Chinese Tallow trees, huisache and some mesquite. We expect the burn to open up the site, increase accessibility, jump-start secondary plant succession, improve wildlife habitat, and improve the quality of the existing vegetation.
lighting_fire_5_atv.jpgLighting the fire with a drip torch and and ATV201 viewsLighting a large fire on foot - this one was 566 acres - takes a ling time and is hard work. While using an ATV is much faster, it is not as easy as it looks. Holding a full drip torch at arms length and steering an ATV on rough ground with one hand is tough. Its not long before your arm is ready to fall off. It also requires extreme caution to avoid setting the ATV or your leg and foot on fire. Let your arm sag or swing back and forth a little to much and those flaming drops can be a problem.
TNC_fire_trk_side.jpgNature Conservancy Fire Truck271 viewsThe Nature Conservancy (TNC) promotes and conducts prescribed burns on a world wide basis and owns some first class equipment. This truck is one example of that. Their people participated in this burn with CBPBA and they are a significant supporter of CBPBA.
patrol_fire_lanes.jpgInspecting the fire guards206 viewsThe crew needs to keep a close eye on fire guards. Bladed guards like this one are best, it leaves a bare dirt surface with nothing that can burn. A disc can also be used but will require multiple passes, and it can leave areas where vegatation provides a fire trail from the burn zone to the out side. Also, fire can smolder under turned dirt for days with unpleasant conquences later.
landowner_lights_backburn.jpgThe ranch owner kicks off the back fire with a drip torch.166 views

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wall_of_smoke_r.jpgWall of smoke763 viewsSolid wall of thick smoke indicative of a very hot fireAug 15, 2009
tallowtrees_r.jpgTallowtrees650 viewsMassive dead tallowtrees killed from the ground up (most were and still are) after the winter 2008 burn of the demo pasture.Aug 15, 2009
seedings_r.jpgSeedlings653 viewsSprouting was taking place from seeds shortly after the burnAug 15, 2009
fireguard_r.jpgFireguard657 viewsFire burning to fireguard that is disked black with no grass for fire to crawl acrossAug 15, 2009
2_wks_post_burn_r.jpgTwo weeks after the burn687 viewsAug 15, 2009
100_60_gal_spray_rigs_r.jpgTrailer mounted 100 gallon and UV mounted 60 gallon spray rigs795 viewsThese fire spray rigs come with the CBPBA Rental Trailer along with a couple of 25 gallon rigsAug 15, 2009
back_fire_for_black_line_r.jpgBack fire creates black line680 viewsCreating a black line with a back fire to contain the main fire not yet lit.Aug 15, 2009
burned_r.jpgAfter the burn683 viewsPhoto the taken after the burn, same dayAug 15, 2009