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kirk_pre_burn_inspect.jpgBurn Boss checking the site pre burn166 viewsThe Burn manager makes a final inspection run around the burn site before briefing the crew on current conditions and any thing he has cncerns about.
crew_review_burn_plan.jpgPre-burn conference164 viewsBurn Boss and crew dicuss the lighting procedure specified in the burn plan to be certain it still works with current weather conditions. A couple of "tweaks" and its time to light.
landowner_lights_backburn.jpgThe ranch owner kicks off the back fire with a drip torch.166 views
back_fire_burning.jpgBack fire expands169 views
patrol_fire_guards.jpgPatrolling the fire guards158 viewsPatrolling outer fire guards for fire jumps is a constant job, but one made easier with smooth (bladed) fire guards. In addition to being safer, they are easier and smoother to drive on, and if there is a problem it is easier and faster to get the response equipment there.
back_fire_burning_2.jpgBack fire expands275 viewsWe burnt out the down wind side of the site with a back fire to provide a wide "black area" safety zone before lighting the head fires.
multiple_fronts.jpgMultiple fire fronts175 viewsAt this point the back and head fires have burnt in from the edges and fires are burning on multiple fronts.
flame_front.jpgFlame front164 viewsThis was a nice and steady, easy burning fire.
fire_wall.jpgFire wall174 viewsSome of the internal areas with more brush got to burning hotter and faster.
burning_into_the_wind.jpgBurning into the wind182 viewsA nice slow controlled fire. To much wind and things can get out of control in a hurry, to little and you can't get a burn. You have to understand weather and what's needed for a good safe burn. You need to check the fire weather forecasts from NOAA so you can anticipate the conditions you face on burn day. There is a link to NOAA on the home page of this site, check it out.
winding _down.jpg
winding _down.jpgThe burn is winding down.161 viewsThe fire is contained far inside the fire guards and is burning down. The crew is starting to relax and thinking about another job well done. This fire went very well and with no surprises, just like we planned it.
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