Coastal Bend Prescribed Burn Association

Coastal Bend Prescribed Burn Association

What We Do & Why

What We Do:

  • We provide prescribed burn training and safety education through meetings, demonstrations and field days
  • We conduct a minimum of one fire training school every year consisting of one day of class room instruction and a day of in-the-field burning experience
  • We promote the use of prescribed burning through the public media and internal communication
  • We assist and train our members in the development and implementation of safe prescribed burning plans
  • We provide a structure through which members assist each other and provide the manpower necessary to conduct safe prescribed burns
  • We acquire and share prescribed burning tools and equipment
  • We foster cooperation and understanding of prescribed burning among land owners and the public by encouraging participation in the Association

Why We Do It:

  • To optimize Coastal Bend habitat to benefit both wildlife and agriculture
  • To increase production of forage and browse
  • To promote ecological diversity in native grasslands
  • To suppress most brush and cacti species
  • To remove excess biomass on rangelands and in forests to reduce wildfires
  • To improve the quality and palatability of forage
  • To increase nutrient cycling
  • To control pests and parasites
  • To improve pasture accessibility


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